A blog engine written in Go, compatible with Ghost themes. This site is running on it!


A one author theme for the Ghost (and Journey!) blogging plattform.


A Tetris game that is considered by some to be the best Tetris game on Android. Others just think it’s an ordinary Tetris game. Whatever it is, it’s a lot of fun.

Make It Count.

An experimental narrative rhythm game created in 48 hours in a noisy Bangkok hostel for the Ludum Dare 31.

Convert Files

A series of websites that let you convert between different file formats. All the backend code is written in Go.


A remake of Dr. Mario for Android devices.


The official app for the awesome! community. Allows sharing of links directly from your Android device.

EVE Online Ship Sizes

A fun video project comparing the sizes of ships in EVE Online. Created with Autodesk Maya, rendered with 3delight / Pixar Renderman. The first video was used by EVE Online developers CCP Games in the official Create A Starship Contest.

Wookieelicious Star Wars Quiz!

A simple but effective quiz game for Android.

Was ist Winter

A collaborative work led by Prof. Dr. Jens Schröter that commemorates the art historian Gundolf Winter. We experimented with non-linear structure within the medium of DVD. Our work was published by Universi Verlag.